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Understanding of the features of PC double-color sunshine board have?

by:UNQ     2020-10-31
1887 with the change of the people demand for polycarbonate sheet, the original production technology already can not meet the requirements, but with the use of new technology, make more polycarbonate sheet type, quality is becoming more and more high. PC double-color board sunshine that appeared on the market is the product resulting from the technology development, now this product has not been applied on a larger scale, so we should compare strange about it. PC double-color sunshine board is actually a special hollow plate products, the most obvious special is its appearance, a piece of plate is divided into two kinds of color. Due to the material to achieve the color effect of stratified, so the application together to create a different atmosphere. Is not only a change in color, the sunshine of PC double-color board in the cross section design also USES the latest plate type design, greatly increase the bearing capacity of the plate and insulation performance, but also combines the characteristics of the beautiful and practical. X structure PC double-color polycarbonate sheet to promote the overall mechanical properties, color aspects also can meet the needs of different customers are suitable for all kinds of roof and lighting system, the future will be gained popularity in all fields.
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