What is a U-locked Polycarbonate Panel System?

U-shaped polycarbonate panel is an advanced roofing system. It adopts a U-shaped lock structure that is easy to install, and the panel is fixed without nails. Fully considering the thermal expansion coefficient of polycarbonate, the panel can slide at the fixed corner. Free sliding expansion and contraction in the groove, the plate can be freely deformed to eliminate internal stress. The fixed angle code fixes the U-shaped polycarbonate sheet on the roof purlin, and the connecting buckle and the connecting teeth of the sheet are engaged with each other to achieve a fast and reliable connection. closed system.U-locked polycarbonate panel system is superior glazing roof material with multi-wall, honeycomb, or X-structure for optional. It combines high thermal insulation, lightweight and high impact. Compared with general polycarbonate, it has a superior leak-proof structure, fantastic loads and simple installation. And the polycarbonate joiner offers free expansion and contraction space. These features make it ideal for building cladding, industrial glazing roof and architectural curved roofing designs.

UNQ’s polycarbonate panel system offers a variety of colors like clear, opal, bronze,lake-blue and glass-green. UV protection is on the surface that blocks all rays to help control the temperature and anti-yellowing. It is excellent durable, lasting 15-20 years.



U-locked Polycarbonate Panels

Assembly Details

As the new structure, U-locked polycarbonate system is connected by aluminum or polycarbonate joiner that Accommodates expansion and contraction and sealed by end-caps that prevents dirty and drainage. No need for any point fastener penetration through the sheets. It is very easy to install. The installation guide is shown below

① Polycarbonate Sheet

② Polycarbonate or Aluminum Joiner

③ Screws to Suit Metal

④ Aluminum Span Bar

⑤ T Fastener

⑥ Polycarbonate or Aluminum Sheet End Cap

⑦ End Cap for Joiner

⑧ Rubber Mallet

Assembly Details

Product Details

Superior Material for Building Cladding , U-locked Polycarbonate Panel System

U-lock polycarbonate sheet series is a new generation of innovative goods. it fundamentally settles the issue of thermal expansion and shrinkage of general panels, the unique design 100% solved the water seepage problem caused by the wrong operation of the installation surface, also the installation is faster and stronger, and the maintenance is more convenient. The variety of sheets structure and color satisfies customers’ choice of different transmittance and thermal insulation functions. U-locked polycarbonate system is prior material for building cladding.


Advantages of PC U-Lock sheet than FRP sheet

  1. Better deformation performance: PC U-lock sheet roofing system, U-shaped buckle and plate are all made of polycarbonate, which ensures that they have the same deformation performance, when the temperature changes, the plate and the U-shaped buckle move in the same direction , to eliminate the hidden danger of water leakage. FRP needs to be fixed with screws. The deformation of screws and FRP is different materials, and there will be a hidden danger of water leakage.
  2. Better light transmittance: Although the transmittance of PC and FRP is very high, which can reach about 85%, the PC board has high transmittance and will not produce haze. FRP is a composite of glass fiber, resin and other materials, which has poor permeability and is prone to haze.
  3. Better thermal insulation performance: The heat transfer coefficient of PC is 0.2W/M.k. The heat transfer coefficient of FRP is 0.4. Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of PC is twice that of FRP, and the PC board is a hollow structure with good thermal insulation performance.
  1. Better flame retardancy: PC material can achieve high flame retardancy without adding any flame retardant, and it is self-priming from fire. The fire rating of our panels is UL94-V2. FRP contains resin, which is flammable and needs to add flame retardant, and the cost will be higher than that of PC board, which is not economical
  2. Better weather resistance: The normal working temperature of PC is minus 40 degrees to plus 120 degrees, while FRP is minus 20 degrees to 45 degrees. Beyond this range, the performance of FRP is greatly reduced
  3. Easier construction: PC board is a hollow structure, with light specific gravity, easier construction, U-shaped locking system, more convenient and fast construction, saving construction period.
  4. Better environment friendly material: PC U-lock sheet are made of polycarbonate which is environmentally friendly and safe to body.

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UNQ is professional in polycarbonate production, cut, package and installation. Our team always helps you find the best solution.

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