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Tightness of different parts of pc board installation

by:UNQ     2021-03-22
The sealing requirements for pc board installation

The sealing of the edge of the pc board. The ribs should be installed downwards, so that the condensed water can be discharged better, other impurities will not form in the tank, and the accumulation of moisture in the tank can also be avoided. For this part of evil, before sealing, make sure that all edges are smooth and the groove is clean and free of impurities and dust. Also cover the pc board completely with sealing tape, and then replace it when installing. During installation, in addition to the standardized sealing of each part, it is also necessary to provide suitable accessories for it, which is conducive to finding the most suitable and easier installation plan. Installation accessories mainly include anti-corrosion fasteners, customized gaskets and gaskets, compatible sealing adhesives, etc. The requirements for sealing technology for flat pc boards are relatively simple. When stacking flat pc boards for sealing, you only need to use a drain belt to seal the top notch, and use a filter belt to seal the bottom notch with holes. In addition, a U-shaped profile can also be used to seal the filter belt with holes at the bottom.

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