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Thermal stability of the sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2020-10-24
1459 when selecting a polycarbonate roofing sheets material, good thermal stability is on the basis of it, mainly including the board's ability to resist high temperature and low temperature, so there should be two aspects of heat resistance and low temperature resistance. performance in these two aspects on the market at present how to? Heat resistance, refers to the plate at high temperature, sunshine use can keep stable performance; And low temperature resistance to the contrary, it is sunshine plate under low temperature, can maintain good performance ability. Because most of the materials at room temperature has a good performance, but does not represent it in high temperature or low temperature environment can maintain this state. So, in order to ensure the polycarbonate sheet of reliable, stable performance, it is necessary to have the thermal stability of the temperature changes with the environment. If lack of this ability, the material will be under the condition of low temperature brittle, and shortening deformation, is not only affect the appearance, but also can appear crack, brittle fracture and other more serious consequences. But at present, both from the performance test and practical application, reflect polycarbonate roofing sheets thermal stability is good. It can under the condition of high temperature to maintain good, can use normally in low temperature environment again, won't appear similar adverse phenomenon some materials. It is because of good thermal stability, polycarbonate sheet can be widely used, and the application effect is good. Through this point also can more clearly distinguish between sunshine board and other materials.
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