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Thermal and mechanical functions exhibited by the endurance board

by:UNQ     2021-03-08
The endurance board has two major functions that attract the majority of users, namely the thermal function and mechanical function of the endurance board. First, let's talk about the thermal function of the endurance board, which mainly includes its melting temperature, linear expansion coefficient, combustibility, embrittlement temperature, and thermal conductivity. The melting temperature of the endurance board is 135℃, and its continuous use temperature reaches 120℃; the coefficient of linear expansion is 7×10-5cm/cm/℃, which is relatively small among plastics. Moreover, the endurance board is one of the flame-retardant and self-extinguishing plastics, which will not generate toxic gas when heated at high temperature. After testing, it is found that the embrittlement temperature of the endurance board is -40℃, and the lowest continuous operating temperature is -30℃, which is incomparable to general plastics. And its thermal conductivity is not much different from that of general plastics. It is 1/4 of glass, 1/300 of iron, 1/1000 of aluminum, and 1/2000 of copper. It is one of the materials with excellent thermal insulation properties. Secondly, I have to talk about the mechanical functions of the endurance board, such as its bending strength. Because the endurance board has excellent bending resistance, it will not crack even if the bending angle reaches 90°. At the same time, it has good tensile strength, even at 120°C, its tensile strength can still reach 350kgf/cm2. In addition, the creep resistance of the endurance board is ideal in thermoplastics, and its creep is still very small even at high temperatures. In addition, the endurance board has excellent impact resistance. It is 250 times higher than traditional glass and 30 times higher than that of steel sheet, which is almost equivalent to steel plate.
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