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There are two ways to install the PC board

by:UNQ     2021-03-17

   Both methods need to press in a special waterproof tape under the aluminum profile or the buckle cover. There are two ways to install the improved PC sheets. This tape is an imported special tape. The selection of specifications must strictly abide by the requirements of engineering design to avoid losses. The thickness of the PC sheets is determined by the installation specifications, and is related to the basic wind farm, the basic snow load, the height of the installation and many other factors in the installation area. When purchasing, the user must go through scientific calculations to optimize the thickness and specifications. When installing, the construction organizer must clearly explain the text instructions and precautions printed on the maintenance film, otherwise, it will be ambiguous and cause errors on the installation. Also need to pay attention to must explain clearly to the operator, which side of the specification, must not be wrong installation. After the installation is completed, the maintenance film of the PC sheets should be removed immediately. If you need to continue to maintain the board, cover it again. This can prevent the phenomenon of glue transfer caused by long-term direct sunlight.


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