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The use of the sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-10-17
8 sun webmaster if PC/PET/PMMA/PP and ABS + PC. English is poly carbon nanotubes petsheet pmmasheet or ppsheet. is a general term for the domestic polycarbonate hollow slab, not generally used to refer to other hollow slab. , corresponding to its compatible products polycarbonate plate resistance physical resistance plate for solid board, sunshine board for hollow slab. Sun plate sealing technology. The original tape on the visor. Only used for temporary protection on the edge of the plate, not resistant to ageing. In the installation, according to the size of cutting plate. After blanking plate end hole gate must be in accordance with the requirements of the installation program with engineering special tape seal, replace the original tape. Installation project dedicated tape should have good weather resistance, can be use for a long time without losing caking property and mechanical strength. Pay attention to the following points; ( 1) To ensure that the board edge is smooth. ( 2) In order to bring all the hole blown clean, compressed air must be dry, without any impurities. ( 3) Ensure full covered with tape on both ends of the profiles, metal plate and u-shaped slot. After installation, should not have exposed portion. The sun plate cleaning method. ( 1) When cleaning, use below 60 ℃ warm water rinse. ( 2) Use neutral detergent when cleaning, do not use detergent to sun plate corrosion function. ( 3) Asked to use dip in with soft cloth or neutral solution sponge and gently scrub. Banning the use of coarse, brushes, mops and other hard and sharp tools for cleaning. Plate cold bending requirement. Sunlight hollow plate along the direction of the rib is the feature of cold bending into different bending radius arc of both increased the lighting area, and conform to the requirements of the architecture design of bending. And improve the carrying capacity of the plate, it is common glass. Board allows the curve to the right direction, in order to avoid cracking exposed side.
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