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The use and maintenance of PC diffuser

by:UNQ     2021-04-05

  1. During the transportation of the PC diffuser, you must not put heavy objects on the plate or hit the plate with sharp objects. When loading and unloading the coil, you will use machinery or use the vehicle springboard. Be careful when unloading Protect the board. When placing it, it must not be exposed to the outdoors, and it must be placed in a cool place; when cleaning the board, it should be done on a small area. The water temperature should not be too high or too low. Pay attention to rinse with warm water, and then use soft tissue Wipe away dust on the surface. When cleaning, you must pay attention not to sand or use strong alkali to clean, and do not wipe the surface with a dry cloth or hard brush, otherwise there will be roughness.

  2, PC diffuser plate must be marked with the protective film side outwards, the protective film can not be removed before use, because its existence can avoid the product in the process of transportation and installation Scratched; use a neutral sealant when installing, and carefully check whether it is compatible with the board before use, and the gel must not have acid or alkalinity.

  3. If the PC diffuser needs to be drilled on the product when it is used, a small hole needs to be drilled first, and then slowly expanded to the required size, and you must pay attention to the hole when drilling The dimension of the heel edge should not be less than four millimeters. The diameter of the hole must be up to the standard, otherwise it will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction; when placing the diffuser, be careful not to cover it or stack it, because doing so will make the equipment During thermal expansion and contraction, a large internal stress is generated, which causes the plate to burst or cracks.

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