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The sunshine board the trend of future development

by:UNQ     2020-10-02
146 from the current market, the sunshine board in many occasions, ambition is obtained through the use of. Not only is because has more functions, its also echo with the sunshine board price also are friendly. We all know, in fact, the sunshine board due to a poly carbonate resin as the material, and then by extrusion molding process of engineering plastics plank. In the professional field, the general will be directly referred to as the PC sheets. Compared with other data, the pervious to light quality is very good, so are often used in the building lighting and agricultural greenhouse, so called the sunshine board. From its function to analyze the words, in fact, the sunshine board due to a new building material, this is due to its in optical, thermal and mechanical functions are showing excellent characteristics. How, then, the sunlight board price? This is a problem many users are very care. Obviously, sun plate type is different, so the price is also a must. At present commonly used sunshine board first contains four types, namely: single layer board, laminated, wave board, etc. Visible, the price will be sunshine board and its type must contact with raw materials. In order to appeal to the use of different user needs, at present the color of the sunshine board is many kinds of share out bonus, for example, lit colorless, green, blue, brown and light grey, etc. Next, let's first as we analyze about the skills of sunshine board function is single. From optical functional anatomy, double sun plate transmittance and glass together. And from the aspects of mechanical function to analyze the words, sunshine board has the advantages of more significant due to its not only the raw material is lighter, and higher strength. In addition, under the condition of the thickness of the common, sunshine board is more energy-saving than glass material, to be able to cut costs. Of course, if from sunshine board price analysis, were also hit by the broad user acceptance. About the people who use, actually in the process of daily use, what kind of climate conditions, whether in the polycarbonate sheet can be used. In must be within the scope of the data does not present significant damage or deformation. So, users can be assured that use. In addition, if the indoor relative humidity is low, the panel data in appearance will not present the problem of dewing. So, no matter from the sunshine board price aspect to consider, from practice to use conditions to consider, deserves to be selected. In addition to this, in fact, under the condition of the same thickness, using sunshine board will also be able to reach the sound insulation effect better. In fact, there are many users except polycarbonate sheet the prices will be based on the selected for never.
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