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The sunshine board price of all kinds of different USES

by:UNQ     2020-11-04
1495 sun slabs our influence is very big, because whether life or work environment, there are many places this excellent plate may be used. Board not only USES a lot of sunshine, and different USES of polycarbonate roofing sheets price is not the same. price is usually based on the quality of the production, raw material prices and other costs to decide, sun panels on the market price has a lot of, small make up also can provide an approximate range. The sunlight greenhouse board price is probably in the 30 - per square meter 120 yuan, most here refers to the double sunshine board, multilayer sunshine board, etc. And lighting with polycarbonate sheet of the price will be higher, in the 65 - Is 300 yuan/square, the application can use the u-shaped lock sunshine board used jointly with caigang watts, so it can achieve the purpose of cost reduction, waterproof and dustproof. Prices and bike shed polycarbonate sheet, almost 50 - 300 yuan/square meters. In addition to this, and curtain wall sunshine board, the price is 140 - 300 yuan/square; Canopy sunshine board, the price of 30 - 200 yuan/square, each have different.
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