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The sunshine board matters needing attention in the process of transportation & storage

by:UNQ     2020-10-01
172 as the PC polycarbonate sheet, PC endurance board further popularization, many customers already know that the PC sheets with high transparency, qualitative light, beautiful, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging, etc, but at the same time we polycarbonate sheet manufacturers have found also grieved, because customers in the process of storage or transportation improper processing, thus which resulted in the unnecessary damage, the sunshine board should be how to improve this problem, this article is for the majority of users with sunshine board plate some matters need to pay attention to in the transportation and storage. All the plank to sunshine plate specification according to the following method of packing, transportation, storage, try to reduce unnecessary sun plate wear and tear. Transportation: 1. When transporting the PC sheets in the warehouse, please be careful, because inventory sunshine board size is longer, more than a few people together as far as possible when loading and unloading handling, so as to avoid scratching or damage to the plate edge. 2. PC board must handle with care during transportation, pay attention to keep the car clean, in order to prevent the edge and protective film of scratch and damage of fold, application set four angles such as paper or cloth wrapped. During transportation, board paper pad should be put under the skin to prevent scratch board face. 3. PC tablet transportation must be flat on the area is greater than the plate clean flat tray, if necessary should be properly tied down to avoid vibration and sliding, and pay attention to protect good edge is not damaged and double protection film to keep intact; 4. Packed with the hand, and plank stacking height not more than two meters, besides must not clog on the plate, plate, can not have good thing between sheet so as not to crush. Storage: 1. Plate coated with PE protective film, up and down in the hollow when handling and installing sun plate plate containing UV protective layer should be one side toward the sun, not installed, please do not remove the protective film. 2. In more than 60 ℃ environment temperature storage time is too long, PE protective film on the surface of the plate will be not easy to peel. 3. Storage must be properly cushion packaging, do not allow the direct sunlight or rain, don't contact and chemicals; 4. The sealing side of plank on the tape is in the transport storage protection, not for waterproof and installation. Before installing this belt should be replaced by special sealing side adhesive tape. Edge banding tape should have good weather resistance, long-term use of adhesion force and the mechanical strength is not falling. When installing and handling should have good resistance to tear and damage resistance of 5. When installation, construction organizers must the protective film on the printed text and matters needing attention to understand clearly, and explain to operators, paying special attention to standard which facing out. Don't mistake packing; 6. Before installation, and shall not remove the sunshine PE protective film on the surface of the plate, sheet along the touchline protective film have only about 50 mm, immediately after the installation complete tear protective film, as a result of the progress of the problem need to continue to protect the board face, you have to remove the film, knock off again before the protective film on the plate surface.
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