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The sunshine board matters needing attention in the process of installation

by:UNQ     2020-11-05
66 plate installation matters needing attention in the process of the sun, we has been described in the previous website news, that here we will focus on practice, see how the sunshine board install molding? 1, ready for the sunshine board after products, to its protective film tear apart must first intrusive, avoid the installation accessories will protective film pressure of layering of the evening. Then look at the polycarbonate sheet swell the reserved amount of optimum inappropriate, plate dimensions are not correct, etc. , to ensure that the polycarbonate sheet can be installed in place. 2, polycarbonate sheet installation, the marginal part of two pieces of information to connect to must interval; If choose the sunshine board is cold bending installation, it must pay attention to the direction of the cold bending; Considering the late in the process of using the water out of convenience, to pay attention to the direction of skew sunshine board installation. 3, after the completion of installation, and a comprehensive view of the sun plate, including appearance, quality is qualified; If there is any leakage, and so on, after all is correct to tear up the sun plate protective film.
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