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The sunshine board manufacturer analyzes the excellent performance of the sunshine board in the decoration for you

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
With the rapid development of the construction industry, more and more materials are used in decoration and decoration. In recent years, the application of sunshine board has gradually increased, and it has become the new favorite of decoration designers. Most of the decoration and decoration use solid... sunshine As a new building decoration material, board is recognized by designers more and more for its excellent material properties. With the rapid development of the construction industry, more and more materials are used in decoration. Sunshine panels are mainly used in the construction of modern agricultural greenhouses, and in my country, they are mainly used in some northern cities such as Beijing. In recent years, the application of sun panels has gradually increased and become the new favorite of decoration designers. They are mainly used for interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings, curtain walls of modern urban buildings, and roofs of stadiums. They can also be used in shade sheds and canopies. Sunshine boards are divided into solid boards and hollow boards, and most of them are solid boards used in decoration. Sunlight panels are mainly divided into hollow panels and solid panels. Hollow panels are generally used for building interior decoration, shading sheds and rain sheds. Solid panels are also called endurance panels and are generally used in modern cities. is used in the common connection structure in the decoration: Generally, the open frame decoration and decoration structure system is adopted. The horizontal and vertical keels are made of steel profiles, and the surface is treated with fluorocarbon spraying. The PC sheets is fixed vertically with aluminum alloy pressing plate, and aluminum alloy decorative gusset plate is added. The upper end of the horizontal sun board is fixed with screws, and the lower end is fixed with an aluminum alloy gusset plate, and forms an overlap with the next plate. The surface material is generally made of 8mm sunlight (PC) solid board. Waterproof performance of structural connection The length of the solar panel adopts the high-low structural dislocation method, which is convenient for the overall drainage of the roof and is waterproof. Another important anti-leakage link of sunshine sheet roofing is the installation of special accessories. The aluminum profile system used is composed of upper and lower aluminum profiles. The upper profile is designed with an aluminum alloy gusset plate to cover the nail holes under the gusset plate to prevent nails. Leakage at the hole; the wall thickness of the lower keel aluminum profile is not less than 2.5mm, which can avoid the hidden danger of leakage due to deformation and warping; the width of the aluminum alloy profile is 60mm, and the embedding distance of the plate is more than 20mm, so as to avoid the fixed plate part can not be effectively tight Pressing can avoid embedding failure at the end of the board. There are drainage grooves on the aluminum alloy horizontal keel, which can eliminate rainwater leakage caused by poor construction, so that the entire waterproof system not only depends on 'blockingA double-channel EPDM rubber strip is installed between the sun board and the keel. Under the action of pressure, through its own elastic deformation, it can achieve close contact with the surface of the sun board, thereby playing a role of airtight and waterproof. The characteristics of the material determine that its aging resistance has the same life as the solar panel and is compatible with the solar panel. The application of sunshine board products in building decoration involves the design and construction of many technical fields. The application of sunshine board not only considers how to ensure the various technical indicators of the PC sheets part, but also aims at the connection of building structure and other decoration materials. A thorough and comprehensive consideration can make the application of the PC sheets achieve perfect results.
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