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The sunshine board installation fast wire method

by:UNQ     2020-10-31
1658 sun plate installation can be achieved by three ways, are respectively installed fast wire, dry and wet assembly, these methods are the advantages and disadvantages coexist, and the scope of use may also be different, so the user want to know how to choose according to actual condition. Small make up today to talk to you polycarbonate sheet mainly fast wire installation method. Before the start of operation, must first determine the good fast wire distance, fast wire hole size, location and other basic data. In fast wire distance, shall, according to the thickness of the sunshine board set, not too small nor too big, lest appear because of stress caused by sunshine plate fracture, 25 35 cm is ok. And fast wire hole the size of the plate heat bilges cold shrink, must be considered in general than fast wire diameter at least 5 mm, with the reserved space, while not being too close to edge. According to the specified way determine the well location can be installed, but also pay attention to fast wire never lock is too tight, otherwise there will be stress. And don't choose self tapping screw, screw to reduce direct pressure on the material, had better use washer charging pad, meanwhile, to protect the polycarbonate sheet.
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