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The sunshine board damaged what reason is there?

by:UNQ     2020-11-08
After 1948 sun plate using more and more widely, its superiority is gradually, but even this high quality material, in use process will likely damaged and cause unnecessary waste. Sheet in order to avoid the damage, must be responsible for damage of several factors like the palm of his hand. If the installation polycarbonate sheet, the protective film on the surface of the damage or remove the directly, can scratch could lead to performance. If the board directly on the skeleton, sheet also possible expansion of high stress and damage situation of perforated edges. If bending radius of curvature of the sunshine is too small, its mechanical strength and chemical resistance will be a sharp drop in, one of the main factors will also be damaged. In addition, with alkaline substances and corrosive organic material contact; Processing tool or tools using improper; Curing agent improper selection and so on, are likely to lead to polycarbonate sheet damaged.
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