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The sunshine board can be sustainable use

by:UNQ     2020-10-21
220 sunshine board is a kind of appearance, through special processing products in the future, its quality is usually very safe, so use fixed number of year is long, also need special pointed out that the polycarbonate sheet anti-aging treatment, make its rival the ultraviolet ray in sunshine has played a leading role. Has anti-aging treatment was carried out on the sunshine board, it will use the corresponding inhibitor, so that it can form a layer of the sunshine board appearance UV layer, further strengthen its function. And specific operation method is very simple, only needs to uv radiation material evenly coated in the polycarbonate roofing sheets appearance, and enables the hamonious and panel. After aging treatment of polycarbonate sheet in the use of time, when you have intense irradiation time, the appearance of the protective layer can convert short wave to long wavelengths, and then reduce uv damage to board. Because of the sunshine board aging largely because of uv damage, so once the rays of the sun plate damage reduced, then its natural aging resistance can be improved. In many cases, because of the devices, many also can't do the surface coating, especially some of the home-made equipment. Just because of that, all the produce polycarbonate sheet at the anti-uv material will have to be doped into the PC material, the processed into sunshine board. And some equipment need not bother, it can achieve the whole sheet sunshine all uniform coating, still can obtain the thickness of ambition anti-aging layer together, as a result, the market will be so durable sunshine board products.
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