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The sunshine board before delivery and after they leave different maintenance items

by:UNQ     2020-10-21
After 1147 sun plate installation also need regular cleaning can be, but also pay attention to some basic issues in the process of cleaning, lest cause certain damage to plank. application area is different, the extent of damage also each are not identical, so whether prior to or after they leave the factory to correct maintenance and maintenance. Instance, when polycarbonate roofing sheets before leaving the factory, must the polycarbonate sheet seal, and check the good seal, in order to avoid air into the sunshine board damage. When the warehouse storage, also want to avoid direct stacking, don't and corrosive chemicals piled up together, so as not to cause certain damage to board. For sunshine plate clean, use warm water, remember to control in 40 ℃ or so, but also to use soft cloth to clean, do not use sharp tools clean, lest cause scratches to the plate. The choice of detergent is also very cautious, choose not to corrosive cleaner to help to clean the polycarbonate sheet. surface usually accompanied by a layer of protective film, the installation should be toward the direction of the sun, in the plate has not been installed before don't peel or damage them; Need to install, only the protective film from all round have 5 centimeters, so that the construction. Also remind you and the sunshine board after the completion of the installation of sealing side work, must be sealed, besides can ensure that the use effect of plate, can also be beneficial to prolong the service life of the sunshine board.
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