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The sunshine board and the difference of plate is not only a little

by:UNQ     2020-10-12
1317 sun plate and mining is only one letter short plate is not so simple, from the aspects such as material, performance, use comparison found that they both have obvious different, prove the sunshine board and mining plate can't be confusing to use. Then, the polycarbonate roofing sheets and plate of each sheet is what kind of? From the perspective of qualitative analysis, the sunshine board selects material is PC, and adopt plate materials should be selected FRP; But both have the function of daylighting, some sunshine board lighting performance and good weather resistance, and mining plate has good acid and alkali, not easy to acid and alkali corrosion. Sun plate and plate production process is different also, polycarbonate sheet is through co-extrusion process, so hot and cold deformation is bigger, easy to tapping cut broken nail. It is because of this, the sunshine board should open larger hole by playing the self-tapping screw, to consider its scalability and installation. Although the coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than that of the sunshine board of plate is adopted, but the plate is usually single, thermal conductivity is higher than the sunshine board. That is to say, the summer sun, mining plate under the indoor temperature is higher. And light transmittance, carrying capacity in general sun plate and plate can satisfy. On the leak problem, sun board of u-shaped plate, screw does not penetrate plank when installation, achieve real waterproof leak proof. Because the sunshine board is flat is given priority to, choi steel lap, in order to need to do other auxiliary structure into the roof choi steel is wavy, make it difficult to handle in the contact, high construction cost, time-consuming, laborious, and because the sunshine board restricted by technology. Seams of the sunshine board not only the need for aluminum pressure processing, material above vice purlin, should be added to increase the construction cost and complexity, and due to their high thermal expansion coefficient, construction need to compute the expansion set aside.
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