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The sunshine board and glass, pervious to light performance comparison

by:UNQ     2020-11-04
41 polycarbonate sheet in the development of China in the 1990 s. Early, the main products imported from Europe and the United States, the price is higher, its application field. In the late 90 s, with the rapid development of China's economy, Germany bayer company into the factory production, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have to join, then drive prices down and rapidly expanding its application field. Due to its light quality, heat preservation performance is good, impact resistant, long life and other advantages, as a greenhouse light insulation cover material also has been widely used. Statistics show, however, with the glass and plastic film, compared to traditional greenhouse with pervious to light cover material such as sun plate radiation pervious to light performance but there are differences, mainly for the visible light transmittance is low, the uv through hard, infrared transmittance is not high. So, does that mean sunshine board used in greenhouse questionable? In fact, the polycarbonate sheet as a heterogeneous material, under the universal standard measurement data does not reaction through its radiation characteristics well.
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