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The sunlight plank, attachment plate structures, greenhouse installation requirements

by:UNQ     2020-10-16
1245 from past practice experience, general installation polycarbonate sheet can use attachments, such as sealing strip, screws, etc. , need polycarbonate roofing sheets fixation. itself, of course, also want to pay more attention to before installation, quality standard, not only some of the other details are in place. As the sunshine board too long in to install, easy to cause fracture, so it's no more than eight meters in length, is too long can be partitioned. Install the plate on the front of the chaoyang, because it has anti-aging UV layer, can make the polycarbonate sheet to normal life. Now that is used to make greenhouses, curved pipe spacing with 1050 m advisable, spacing in the plank KangXue wind resistance ability, or indirectly caused by plate fracture. If is solid sunshine board, reserve set aside even when installation and shrinkage cavity, one end of the pipe diameter should be greater than drilling wire more than 3 mm in diameter. Made greenhouse used when sunlight plate rack body also needs to keep a good state, so that the sunshine board damage caused by the reason. The installation process, should prevent sun plate with acid, alkali, contact oily substance such as cement, from bad influence. The specifications of the accessories such as aluminum layering, it should be consistent with sunshine plate thickness and the structural area, tightness drlling silk also should be appropriate; And neuter glass glue full seal gap, in order to prevent the sunshine board leaks occur after stitching. Sunshine is a protective film to protect the surface of the plate, usually this to remove until after the completion of the engineering, prevent scratch board. In addition, in any case, are not allowed to walk on board in the sunlight. Plate bending degree according to the sheet thickness increases or decreases accordingly, bending proportion reference illustrations.
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