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The sun plate surface processing and fast installation

by:UNQ     2020-10-10
1352 said the polycarbonate sheet USES are based on more, because we found the polycarbonate sheet and a big purposes, that is for sun plate for the production of raw materials into the polycarbonate sheet act the role of flour products, need to get to sunshine board for further processing. What kind of technology for the sunshine board can make its have adornment effect? Further processing refers to the above mentioned should be sunshine plate surface processing, surface mould is used to get a beautiful sunshine board veneer, not only has the very good decoration, decorative surface water resistant, wear-resisting performance is very good also. It not only can become more beautiful, but also can retain the original has a unique effect. surface moulding technology commonly used at present basically has two kinds, one kind is sunshine plate is placed within the hot-pressing mold, made by the pressurized heating time; Another is the material is placed within the mold, after limit forming. after surface processing, still have to properly installed to show its adornment effect. installation can be achieved by three ways, are respectively installed fast wire, dry and wet assembly, these methods are the advantages and disadvantages coexist, and the scope of use may also be different, so the user want to know how to choose according to actual condition. Sunshine plate wire fast installation, for example, must first determine the good fast wire distance before operation, fast wire hole size, location and other basic data. Including fast wire distance should be set according to the sun plate thickness, not too small nor too big, lest appear because of stress caused by sunshine plate fracture, 25 35 cm is ok. And fast wire hole the size of the plate heat bilges cold shrink, must be considered in general than fast wire diameter at least 5 mm, with the reserved space, while not being too close to edge. In a specific way and then determine the well location can install sunshine board.
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