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The sun plate installation

by:UNQ     2020-11-01
157 sun plate installation can be achieved by three ways, respectively is fast wire installation installed, the dry and wet, these methods are the advantages and disadvantages coexist, and the scope of use may also be different, therefore the user to understand according to the actual situation to choose. Below small make up want to talk to you sunshine board mainly fast wire installation method. Beginning before operation, be sure to make sure good fast wire distance, fast wire hole size, location and other basic data. In fast wire distance, plate thickness shall be based on the plate is set up, not too small nor too big, lest appear because of stress caused by sunshine plate fracture, 25 35 cm. And fast orifice plates must be taken into consideration of the scale of the heat bilges cold shrink, in general are fast wire diameter less than 5 mm, with the reserved space, not being too close to edge together. In accordance with the specified method confirmed after good bearing can be installed, but also pay attention to fast wire never lock is too tight, otherwise there will be stress. And don't choose self tapping screw, screw to reduce direct pressure on the material, use the gasket charging pad, meanwhile, protect the polycarbonate sheet from harm.
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