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The sun plate installation containment requirements

by:UNQ     2020-11-11
143 sun plate problems involved in the installation process is more, there is another important is sunny open plate at both ends of the sealing process, once the processing owe good, sunshine board inside there will be the moisture, dust, insects or other material into the, thus affect the sunshine board insulating transparency, stays and beautiful. In order to prevent the above problems, the two sealing the ends of the sunshine board is serious, water, air and dust are impervious to at least; Second, chooses the sealing material of viscous material, also can't have any harm to sunshine board, viscous material needs in hot and cold temperature shock and high temperature environment for a long time to maintain the characteristics of adhesion. Because the construction ZhongYang plate modelling can produce change, cutting, drilling and other skills to deal with demand, at this time the hole from the scale of the polycarbonate sheet marginal should not less than 40 mm, with habits polycarbonate sheet heat bilges cold shrink.
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