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The sun plate endurance plate product introduction

by:UNQ     2020-10-12
58 sunshine board in the mid - 80 - s rapidly in building decoration materials market, because of the sunshine board special high quality, architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering, commonly agreed in the advertising industry. According to statistics, since the late 80 s, the polycarbonate sheet in the international market sales volume increase at an annual rate 20%, since 1995, the total sales around the world each year more than 100 million square meters. Since the beginning in 1989, with the escalation of domestic architecture. A number of key construction projects, shenzhen, hangzhou shangri-la hotel, Beijing international trade building sichuan hotel, Beijing world park and Beijing west railway station, take the lead to take the sunshine board, for this material in the domestic promotion have accumulated valuable experience in design, construction and daily protection. 30 times for organic glass; Sun plate appearance through uv craft processing, sunshine board has pervious to light quality, impact resistance, heat insulation, weather resistance, prevent dewing, flame retardant, sound insulation and good processability, etc. Impact resistance of the polycarbonate sheet as the 100 times of the common glass. Have anti-aging performance, successfully solved the other engineering plastics can't solve the problem of aging; embarrassment fuel level data; Sound insulation than sun plate glass 3 - progress 4 db is the information of highway sound barrier in the world. Widely used for various construction (polycarbonate sheet Public, industry, civil, trade, etc. ) Daylighting roofs and indoor decoration; The railway station and airport waiting hall and overpasses, channel, ceiling; Of bus, ferry terminals and other public service facilities and decoration garden sketch; Skylight ceiling, cellar, arch roof and shopping centers; Tourism, recreational occasions strange decoration and spend hall; Pervious to light heat insulation and sound insulation barrier billboard advertising, advertising light boxes and display exhibition deployment; Interior decoration board, wall, roof, etc. , in addition. Light sunshine board and more useful in the bedroom.
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