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The sun plate construction method

by:UNQ     2020-09-30
is mainly composed of PC/PP/PET/PMMA material and made of abs and PC material. English is polycarbonatehollowsheet petsheet pmmasheet or ppsheet. is domestic for known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, is generally not used to refer to other hollow plate. Corresponding to its fellow products polycarbonate endurance plate, physical properties, endurance plate is a solid board, sunshine plate is hollow plate. Polycarbonate sheet ( Endurance plate and sunshine board) ) Once called lung kapoor board, is take the polycarbonate carbonate transliteration of the original English word polycarbonate. But carbonate means carbonate, the error is taken out of context introduce and popularize outside events are occurring. set lighting, heat preservation, sound insulation, can be the sun, rain can also heat preservation pervious to light, soundproof canopy can be used for greenhouses, furniture, office, outdoor advertising light boxes, and so on. Abroad and even appeared in addition to the support structure, pure polycarbonate material large transparent house daylighting, the sunlight, glittering and translucent connect fully, warm and pleasant. In greenhouse construction, there are all use sunshine board building greenhouse, greenhouse built gables use sunshine board, also has a gable wall and side wall application sunshine board building greenhouse; In terms of greenhouse effect, have to give priority to the production of greenhouse production, there are mainly flowers trading center trading greenhouse, and give priority to in order to research the greenhouse, sunshine board is a kind of widely used building materials, can also be used in the shading canopy and canopy. Measuring unreeling construction sequence to install sunshine board ceiling main framework, adjustment, leveling, fixed sunshine board ceiling skeleton - adjustable pingyang board ceiling installation time frame - installation sunshine board and outer glue, layering to install inner sunshine board, glue, install the layering - polycarbonate sheet ceiling external eaves adjustment and details. Sun plate endurance plate main construction technology of 1. Elastic line: according to drawings, elevation and sunshine board ceiling position size and has been the center of the determination of the pop-up polycarbonate sheet ceiling the main skeleton line of position. 2. Embedded parts: according to the elevation of the main skeleton line of sunshine board ceiling position, check the hole on the beam surface elevation is in line with the design requirements, if there are any differences should take chisel or with high strength grade of cement mortar leveling process, after reaching strength, according to the size of deepening the design detail drawing embedded steel bolts location line, then drilling put bolts, installation of steel plate and the fixed expansion bolt. Then the center line of the main skeleton cast to the embedded steel plate. 3. Install the frame: according to the main skeleton line of position pop-up sunshine board ceiling, after first installed on both ends of the middle section, its methods: 60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm square steel tube ( Galvanized) After backbone assembled on the roof, with human in position online, thread hanging vertical plane, the intermediate temporary fixed after welding with embedded steel plate. On both ends of the main skeleton after ok, intermediate and 1500 mm on each side ( From steel bearings on both ends up) After three longitudinal flux lines, from one end to the other side again one by one to complete installation. 4. The installation time frame: the sunshine board ceiling main framework fixed after the completion of installation, the installation sunshine board ceiling 60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm square steel skeleton, and alignment, leveling, and the main frame welding fixed. While sunshine board installation, moistureproof agent was laid. 5. Install outer sunshine board: according to deepen design layout position, will be ready to fit the outer sunshine board for installation of 20 mm thick, after the installation of the sunshine board, longitudinal seam, the edge of joints in a line, as shown in figure 4. 3 - 2. 6. Glue, install the layering: after fully check the outer sunshine board installation quality, and install outer sunshine board, side dozen weather resistance rubber, special aluminum alloy layering installation again. Install the layering of screw spacing, position must conform to the requirements of the drawings. 7. Install the inner sunshine board: according to the drawings, will be ready for the lining of the suitable size 16 mm thick plate sunshine for installation, the bottom of the upper plate should be installed through clear clean white towel, at the same time, the inner polycarbonate sheet allows the clear clean before the installation, in order to avoid interlayer pollution cannot be cleaned and influence macro effect. 8. Glue, install the layering: after fully check the inner sunshine board installation quality, and install the inner sunshine board, side dozen weather resistance rubber, special aluminum alloy layering installation. Layering of screw spacing, position must conform to the requirements of the drawings. 9. All the sunshine board after the installation, the sunlight board roof eaves weeks outside circle must also be the nodes in the construction according to the drawing. After the eaves all closed out ( Containing glass curtain gables) To remove the protective casing. Protective shed must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of scaffolding demolished, and finished product protection, prevent the damage to finished product. Sun plate endurance plate 1 fire safety measures. To enter the construction site must strictly abide by rules of safe operation. 2. Aerial work personnel must fasten your seat belt, hand tools should be placed within the tool bag, aerial work not throw tools. 3. Scaffolding set-up, must be in accordance with the provisions, regularly check the stability of the scaffold in the construction, construction personnel should be up and down the ladder. 4. Welders and the holder of a special type of work posts, and designated persons see fire, special attention should be paid to have installed automatically trails, must be in protecting roof upper cover tightly with sheet iron. 5. Site fire protection of personnel management, and a special fire fighting equipment. Finished products protection 1 sun plate endurance. Sun plate head on both ends to prevent damage, run gas cause cellular wall pollution take thick labeled with a layer of protective film. 2. Arc frame before construction should strictly neat pattern, and prevent deformation.
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