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The sun plate cleaning method and matters needing attention

by:UNQ     2020-10-10
200 use PC sunshine board built in just after the installation is complete, what do you think is more beautiful, high-end grade atmosphere, but with the passage of time, the sun, again beautiful sunshine board ceiling will be infected with dirt, become dirty, at this time the sun plate roofing or metope is not so pleasant. We all know that clothes dirty to clean, the sun plate surface is dirty, also need to be cleaned. So the question comes, the sunshine board how to wash the dirty? Really want to good good study, don't understand friend sun plate with some traditional building materials have very big distinction, is essentially a plastic sheet, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion, this plate has some matters needing attention for cleaning and cultured, then with all of you know. First priority, in order to guarantee the quality of the sunshine board and service life, must be used when the cleaning is lower than 60 ℃ warm water flushing; Also in it in the detergent, the choice of detergent also has doorways, better is to use neutral detergent, avoid erosion on sunshine board. Secondly, when it's clean with a soft cloth or sponge in neutral solution gently scrub the stains, don't be hard, sharp tools, such as with the brush cleaning, so as to avoid scratching the sunshine board surface. Such as grease, paint, adhesive tape imprinting difficult cleaning besmirch, can try to use alcohol to scrub; Such as after a wipe or rinse off with clear water, dry and can't leave water. Home if you use the plate to the sun, might as well can according to the above methods to try and a second easy fix, cleaning effect is very ideal. In strict accordance with the above method after cleaning, the plate surface was refreshed again, restored just installed when the bright appearance, to become high-end atmosphere, as long as cleaning in accordance with the matters needing attention to in the process of operation, the polycarbonate sheet can be used for many years.
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