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The sun plate canopy construction techniques

by:UNQ     2020-09-29
2251, first check the skeleton, must level off, can not have welding scar, burr. Scaffold must be thoroughly dry, can not have volatile solvent. 2, the butyl waterproof tape laying on both sides of the frame, forming a small tank. 3, place the sunshine board on the skeleton, board with board between the reserved expansion joints. 4, to press the EPDM layering interface between the plate and the plate. 5, with self drilling screws. 6, sun plate width of 1 in the middle. Must be under 5 m in skeleton, is to use the drill collar for a horse knob screw fixation. 7, polycarbonate sheet shall not directly contact with metope, metope with Angle of aluminum in metope, sunshine board set in again, installed. 8, sunshine board's convergent will mouth sealed with aluminum piece tape first, then edge article or fixed Angle of aluminum. 9, first check the cutting size and lessens the reserved amount whether appropriate, attention should be paid to set aside enough lessens clearance, uniform calculation formula is as follows: lessens clearance lessens coefficient = total * * before installing larger local temperature plate length. 10, hollow plate plate type by plate holding part of the installation project must contain at least one reinforced rib, or the edge of the plate smaller clamping part of the 20 mm. To recognize plate surface uv protection, and referring to the outward-facing installation, must not allow itself to install the uv one side.
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