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The sun is advantageous to the ventilation system adjustment

by:UNQ     2020-11-06
1736 sun plate as a kind of high quality decorative material, be used as a variety of purposes, the polycarbonate sheet greenhouse is one of them. Use polycarbonate roofing sheets in the greenhouse is different with other products, it has significantly in ventilation condition and temperature and humidity control, which is the key in the process of greenhouse to grow plants. Usually, polycarbonate sheet greenhouse ventilation system can be divided into natural ventilation and forced ventilation two kinds, the former is simpler, through open greenhouse side window or skylight sunshine board, and the use of sunlight greenhouse temperature difference between inside and outside board or wind pressure can be done. Which need to be matched with the fan to achieve light board inside and outside greenhouse air circulation. With the expansion of the sunshine board greenhouse area, to improve the sunlight greenhouse ventilation ability, skylight is much better than the side window, all good polycarbonate sheet hai implement greenhouse has adopted the form of the side window. In order to convenient, will use a continuous drive pinion and rack system, realize the closed and open of the side window
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