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The sun board manufacturer analyzes the sealing and installation of the sun board for you

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
The installation and use of the sunshine board involves the sealing and cleaning of the PC sheets. The correct cleaning method of the sealed box can make the board play the greatest value. The installation and use of the sun panel will involve the cleaning of the sealed box of the sun panel. Many people do not know how to seal and clean the panel correctly. Today, the sun panel manufacturer will tell you about the sealing and cleaning of the sun panel. Sealing method Method 1: rubber strip sealing method. Insert the rib on the back of the rubber strip into the groove of the aluminum bead of the sunshine board, one bead is matched with two rubber strips, and then put the aluminum bead with the rubber strip on the joint of the two sunshine boards, pay attention to the two sunshine boards A part of the gap should be reserved between them to make room for the thermal expansion and contraction of the solar panels. Then put a drill tail wire on the bead to fix it. Then if further sealing is needed, neutral silicone glue is applied on both sides of the bead. Method 2: waterproof tape sealing method. Uncover the outer protective paper of the waterproof tape, paste the tape directly on the seam of the sun board, and then press on the pressure strip and fix it with the drill tail wire. The other steps are the same as the method one. Plate cleaning Follow the correct steps and regularly clean the sunny plates with suitable cleaning solvents and tools, which can make the plates beautiful and prolong the service life of the plates: 1. Cleaning methods for small-scale pollution of the plates 1. Rinse with warm water 2. Reuse Use soap or household detergent and warm water, soft cloth or sponge to remove dirt. 3. After cleaning the dirt, rinse the board with cold water and dry the board with a soft cloth to prevent water spots. 2. Large-scale pollution cleaning method 1. First rinse the surface with a tap or use a high-pressure water gun to rinse the plate; 2. The water used to rinse the plate can be added with a chemical cleaning solvent compatible with PC; 3. When cleaning the plate, do not polish the plate , And do not use brushes or other abrasive tools and materials to scrub, and the cleaning solvent used cannot be a high-alkaline solvent. It is recommended to use anhydrous alcohol, petroleum ether, ethane, canane, etc. 4. If there are joint fillers, grease paints, etc. adhering to the board, when it contaminates the surface of the board, be sure to clean it with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol or isopropanol before it hardens. List the chemical names that may cause the PC series products to crack (incompatible). Please pay attention when using PC products. 1. Acetate 2. 3. Ammonia 4. Saturated ammonium fluoride 5. Saturated ammonium sulfide 6. Carbonic acid 7. , Benzene 8, cement 9, benzoic acid 10, benzyl alcohol 11, carbon disulfide 12, carbon tetrachloride 13, chlorobenzene 14, chloroform 15, clove 16, dimethyl thiamine 17, ethylamine 18, **** 19, chlorinated ethylene 20, gasoline 21, petroleum 22, styrene 23, phenol 24, phenethyl alcohol 26, tetrachloride 27, ketone 28, methylene chloride 29, nitric acid 30, sodium fluorochloride 31, elbow drop When you buy a solar panel, users of Dezhiyou must go through scientific calculations to optimize the thickness and specifications of the solar panel. If you have any questions in this regard, you can consult the company's technical department at any time.
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