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The sun at the ends of the plate seal to accord with what conditions?

by:UNQ     2020-11-09
1618 sun plate problems involved in the installation process, or more, including one of the most important thing is to open at both ends of the polycarbonate sheet seal processing, once the processing is bad, sunshine board inside will have the moisture, dust, insects or other material into the, insulating, in turn, affect the transparency of the polycarbonate sheet, stays and beauty. In order to avoid these problems, the sun at the ends of the plate seal should be strictly, water, air and dust are impervious to at least; Second, sealing materials adopted by the viscous material, nor any damage to the sun plate, viscous material need to be in cold and hot temperature mutations and high temperature environment for a long time to maintain the characteristics of adhesion. Because construction ZhongYang plate shape change, need cutting, drilling and other technical processing, this time on the edge of the hole from the polycarbonate sheet size should be not less than 40 mm, to adapt to the polycarbonate roofing sheets heat bilges cold shrink.
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