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The skills of perforating on the endurance board are taught

by:UNQ     2021-05-24

After purchasing the endurance board, people will install it where needed, and punching is an indispensable part of the endurance board installation process, but how to ensure that the quality of the endurance board is not affected What about punching? The technicians teach you some skills.

Because the polycarbonate raw materials used to make the endurance board have obvious thermal expansion and contraction performance, it is generally not suitable to perforate when the endurance board is fixed. There are tests. It is proved that when the endurance board is fixed directly by nailing the board, the probability of quality problems in the later period will reach more than 80%.

The correct way is to use an electric drill to directly perforate the endurance board, and the diameter of the hole should be one-third larger than the diameter of the nail. In this case, you should choose a thicker drill. It can also be shaken a few times after the electric drill is drilled, and the hole on the endurance board can be enlarged to meet the requirements.

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