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The simple method of pc board processing teaches you to distinguish between PC sunshine board and PC endurance board

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

   What is the difference between PC sun board and PC endurance board? Actually, PC sheets processing is from their nickname, we can simply, PC sun board, also known as hollow board, hollow board, as the name implies, the distinction is that the middle is hollow. PC endurance board is also called solid board, of course, it is solid.

  In a simple way, you can compare one or more PC sun panels with PC endurance panels. The difference is clearly distinguished from the structure, PC solar panels have single-layer, double-layer, and multilayer or even hollow. The PC endurance board is a single solid. It is distinguished by weight. Because the PC solar panel is hollow and has less material, the thickness and area of u200bu200bthe solid PC endurance panel are much heavier than the PC solar panel.

   In addition, the use of sunlight panels is the same as PC endurance panels in many aspects, and there are also differences. PC sheets processing such as PC sunlight panels on the top of the stadium lighting, ceiling lighting Warehouses such as greenhouses and skylights are usually used. Endurance boards can be used as shields, outdoor light boxes, advertisements and other common stop signs. Therefore, the customer's choice of PC polycarbonate sheet and PC endurance board also needs to choose according to their actual use.

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