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The shape of pc board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-24

  Since the advent of PC sheets processing products, more and more places have been able to 'make important tasks:, the more exotic shapes of Shanghai gardening sites, sheet processing, endurance board, sunlight board processing, can be sampled according to the customer's pictures Bending, engraving, cutting, drilling and other processes are custom-made modeling products.

   Sheet thermoforming: Sheet thermoforming refers to placing the sheet in a higher temperature machine for a period of time to soften it, and then put it Into the pre-prepared mold for cooling and forming. Take the plate as an example: if the plate is placed for a long time for thermoforming, it should be dried and dehumidified; if it is a newly extruded plate, this process can be ignored. The plate is being added. In the process of temperature softening, the time and temperature should be controlled, or white bubbles will form inside the sheet. Because the temperature of the sheet drops quickly at room temperature, it should be placed in the mold immediately after it comes out of the oven for shaping, cooling, and molding.

   Sheet stamping: Sheet stamping, everyone uses this process mainly because of its high efficiency. Some sheets are relatively thin, and there are many holes on the product that need to be processed. In this case, it is also It can only be processed by stamping. If CNC or general engraving is used for processing, the cost will be higher. This is not the main thing. In fact, it is because of the high efficiency of stamping. Sheet stamping requires the sheet itself to have a certain degree of toughness. , All fragile materials are not easy to be stamped. This is caused by the physical force of stamping, and it is easy to break during stamping. Hydraulic punching has a limit on the thickness of the plate, generally only stamping within 1.5mm For sheet materials, 2mm or even thicker sheets can also be stamped, but at the same time it brings about a real increase in cost. Because of the increase in thickness, the cycle of customized die will become more and more frequent (pressing several die It is more likely to be damaged, and of course the accuracy will be reduced.) Generally, sheet metal stamping can only be achieved within 2mm, mainly because the strength of the customized knife die for sheet metal stamping is not enough. At present, most of the sheet metal stamping processing is within 1.5mm. , And the quantity is relatively large.

  Board bonding: Each plastic board bonding will have a special glue, which is determined by the physical properties of the board, The same is true for processed sheet materials. The bonding of the sheet depends on the bonding strength, the flatness of the bonding part and the appearance after bonding.

   Plate polishing: Plate polishing is mainly for cutting or engraving. The subsequent processing of the section of the plate. The main types of polishing include: general wool pad polishing, polishing knife or utility knife polishing, laser flame polishing, etc. Each polishing process has its own advantages, and you can choose different polishing according to your needs. Craft.

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