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The service life of the sunshine board and the sealing performance

by:UNQ     2020-10-05
845 sunshine board link accessories manufacturer production length is 6 m, if you buy more accessories manufacturers will also give you do a length, under normal circumstances is 6 meters. Due to sun plate used in greenhouses, will consider the external protection against ultraviolet and laminar flow inside the drops of fog dispersal. In order to solve these two problems, board in the production of agricultural greenhouse sun will add a layer of UV protection on the front of the UV coating, the coating greatly increase the lifespan of the sunshine board. inside in order to let the water flows down the sunshine board bevel set dew groove inside to also add a layer of coating, the coating effect is dripping and fog dispersal. So remember when installing sunshine board face up, otherwise the service life of serious agricultural greenhouse polycarbonate roofing sheets. Agriculture with double hollow board is a strip of sunshine, each strip is the same, up and down we need before installing the plate with aluminum foil tape will be two holes to the ends of the polycarbonate sheet wrapped up. This strip form within a closed space, external dust, vapor would not go inside. If installation personnel leave out the procedure, the late sun plate internal dirty easily, but internal cannot clean, seriously affect the sunshine board of light transmittance and service life. installation to use neutral silicone rubber, the glue will not corrosion of sheet forming. Long service life, good sealing. Some special accessories as, with an average of 4 mm - the thickness of it Of 6 mm, 8 mm - 10 mm edge, you also can choose according to your own plate thickness. This edge is usually U, need U on this sheet is to prevent foreign matter into the internal cause damage or not beautiful, such as dust, insects, small leaves, etc. Honeycomb plate strong sunlight structure is suitable for heat preservation requirements usually architectural lighting, thermal insulation performance is better than that of the usual hollow glass; Honeycomb plate hollow structure of the sunshine temperature effect is very good for solar thermal energy storage capability is strong, greenhouse cooling slowly at night, belongs to the Gao Baowen cover material. And hollow structure with reinforcement to resist strong winds, KangXue pressure ability is strong, not easy to tear.
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