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The relationship between the number of polycarbonate sheets

by:UNQ     2021-03-17
Under what circumstances is it better to choose a multi-layer polycarbonate board?

  Polycarbonate board has too little space, too short height, too thin support frame, or screen material. In this case, it is really critical for heat and sound insulation support.

  The key to the service life of polycarbonate board is the top layer, not how many layers, so the multi-layer board does not bring much benefit of the service life, only the third above mentioned in case The canopy with arched curvature will affect the life.

  The purpose of choosing multi-layer polycarbonate board is nothing more than heat insulation and strong support. In the sun sheds you have installed in the past, how many owners have mentioned that the insulation is not enough or the strength is not enough. Now you increase the cost to choose whether the multi-layer board is cost-effective.

   If you have the same amount of material, you only make two layers of multi-layer board now. Is your board thickened? The thickened board wall is really beneficial to the service life, so it is recommended to choose multi-layer board It is better to choose a thicker board.

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