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The rational use of sunlight plate bonding agent

by:UNQ     2020-09-30
1702 in installed with sunshine board adhesive, but if you don't master the use of it skills, there will be a bubble and other bad phenomenon, therefore the operation method is the key. In order to avoid the polycarbonate sheet traces of difficult to remove by bonding agent of erosion, it is better to stick adhesive method for protection plate; Considering the factors such as temperature, humidity can also affect the bonding quality, so these two aspects is the control object. Due to the direct briefing polycarbonate roofing sheets edge bonding surface due to dope the rapid evaporation of white, so to avoid as far as possible to use this way to make the adhesive curing; At the same time, the use of sun plate bonding agent to use, can't because of too little to be adhesive, also does not affect beautiful because of too much. Once the sun plate surface clean, no grease, dust will leave bubbles, the method that can be used to clean to remove. Finally want to remind everybody is, before the dope not completely cure, prevent sun direct irradiation on the polycarbonate sheet for a long period of time, lest affect its quality.
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