The Price of Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are the best solutions for glazing roofs, industrial construction roofs or greenhouse covers. There are mainly three types of polycarbonate roof: twin-wall &multiwall, solid polycarbonate and corrugated polycarbonate. A solid polycarbonate roof is strong, as clear as glass, lightweight, only half weight of glass, flexible, leakproof, and 10 years warranty. Twinwall &multiwall polycarbonate is popular for outdoor canopies roof. The corrugated roof can be matched the metal wave profile to get more sunlight. Most customers would like to be clear about the price of polycarbonate roof panels. Today we would like to explain the cost of polycarbonate sheets.

How are polycarbonate roofing sheets manufacturered?

Before we learn the cost of polycarbonate roof, we need know how polycarbonate roofing sheets are produced. So that we can know the price clearly.

Polycarbonate roof panels are made of polycarbonate resin through co-extruded technology. It was added the UV-protected material and attached the film on both sides in the process of production. After production, the workers will package it into rolls or sheets. And then all polycarbonate sheets are ready to ship to our customers.

The price of polycarbonate roofing

After we have learn the production of polycarbonate sheets, so the cost of polycarbonate roof inlude the price of raw material, processing cost, and labor costs.

Changes in raw material prices will affect the price of the polycarbonate roof sheets. On the one hand, there are different grades of quality of raw material, Different grades of raw material with different prices.Sabic, Makrolon, and LG brands are grade A to produce high-quality polycarbonate sheets with 10 years warranty. Vice raw materials from LUXI are used to produce a 5years warranty. On the other hand, the price of raw materials is affected by upstream products such as oil. That results in the price of polycarbonate being changeable.

Most polycarbonate sheet manufacturers buy the raw material, so this price is almost the same. You can check the “polycarbonate resin price” through Google when you got the quotation from the polycarbonate supplier to judge whether the price is reasonable. So if you need the price of polycarbonate, please contact the polycarbonate roof supplier to get the new price.

Processing costs mainly include electricity bills, plant rent, and the price of equipment wear and tear. Labor costs depends on thier local economic levels. Most polycarbonate supplier will control the cost and improve the productivity.


The price of polycarbonate sheets depends on the cost of raw materials and other costs and it is changeable. Twinwall &multiwall polycarbonate roof sheets are cheaper than solid polycarbonate at the same thickness because the twin-wall & multi-wall polycarbonate sheets consume less polycarbonate raw material. If you want to learn the price of polycarbonate roof panels, please contact the polycarbonate roofing supplier. And tell them what’s your applications and which thickness you need.



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