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The practice of sun plate bending, cleaning machine maintenance

by:UNQ     2020-10-08
1321 at the same time of enjoying the benefits of polycarbonate sheet, we have to treat correctly the sunshine board itself, including reasonable bending, correct cleaning, regular maintenance and so on, all of these is to ensure that the sunshine board can give full play to their practical significance. Follow the below small make up to analyze the concrete methods of work. A, sun plate bending here everyone more concern is how the sun plate bending? Most polycarbonate sheet can bent into what kind? On market sales by the sunshine board is smooth, its itself without any waves and radian, but bends but for its practical application. Because the sunshine board is made of polycarbonate material, this kind of raw material has good toughness, enables the whole piece of sunshine board also to cold bending. When operating, only need to follow the radian of skeleton lay good sunshine board, and then nailing can make radians. And a small amount of polycarbonate roofing sheets during transportation need to curl, but note that there are strict rules for bending degree, easy to damage the sunshine board once more than words. Roll up in general, the polycarbonate sheet circle radius should not exceed 175 times the thickness of the plate plate. Second, sun plate cleaning as a kind of plastic sheet, when cleaning is important to note, if can use neutral detergent, plate area is not large sheet with sponge or soft cloth is swabbed, reoccupy clear water flushing. If the area is larger, can use high-pressure hose, plank, wash with water. At the same time, the cleaning time and avoid use hard ware scoured the sunshine board surface. Or with alkaline, polycarbonate incompatible cleaners. Three, sunshine board maintenance sunshine board did not imagine so simple to maintain, on the one hand require the sunshine board can't direct contact with incompatible chemical; Keep plate surface is bright and clean on the other hand, it requires that the installation is complete before can't damage the sun protective film on the surface of the plate.
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