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The polycarbonate sheet does not produce condensation

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

   Transparent polycarbonate sheet is as transparent as glass. But the weight is only half. Lightweight makes it easy to transport and install. Especially polycarbonate endurance sheets, such as embossed and frosted sheets, have extremely high impact strength. According to the test data, the impact strength is about 200 times that of ordinary glass and 220 times that of tempered glass. It is suitable for areas with high potential in hail, high wind and storm. Sufficient light is the basic element of the greenhouse. Ordinary glass and polyethylene are prone to water droplets on the surface, which severely reduces the transmission of light and hinders the growth of plants. After special treatment, condensation will not occur on the inside and outside of the polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate sheets generally replace glass, tempered glass and polyethylene film in many fields such as agriculture, industry, public buildings, and decorations. The perfect combination of lightweight, high impact strength, light transmittance, frame resistance, UV protection, fall protection and attractive appearance.

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