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The performance of the sunshine board have?

by:UNQ     2020-11-11
2104 a, high light transmittance: sunshine plate light transmittance is arguably and glass, the light transmittance as high as 89%. The sun for a long time and it's UV coating plate exposure to its light transmittance is still good, won't produce the phenomenon such as yellow, even after 10 years of time, the polycarbonate sheet turnover rate is only 10%. Second, non-friable, sunshine plate impact resistance is very strong, hard with 3 kg hammer hammer also does not have the trace. Because of its combat strength is 30 times the same thickness of acrylic board, or general glass 250 ~ 300 times. Three, the destruction of the rays: sunshine plate can prevent ultraviolet damage, can protect the valuables. With resistance to UV coating on the PC sheets and the condensation process, not only can block ultraviolet light can also heat insulation and prevent mist. Four, cost savings: polycarbonate sheet is very light in weight, it can save the transportation cost on it.
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