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The performance of the multi-layer sunshine board, application characteristics and the market price

by:UNQ     2020-09-28
1306 summary of the experience, you can see that multilayer polycarbonate sheet is mainly applied to insulated to demand higher occasion, are on the market at present commonly used several kinds of multilayer sunshine board, including the three layers of the rectangular plate sunshine, four layers of the rectangular plate sunshine, four layer honeycombed plate sunshine, five meters type polycarbonate roofing sheets and seven layers diamond sunshine board, etc. This class has a multilayer structure composed of sunshine board products, a more significant feature is insulation package, such as four layers of 12 mm honeycomb type sunshine board, its heat preservation value can reach 1. 98 w/K ㎡, suitable for a lot of strict for insulation project. And most of the multilayer polycarbonate roofing sheets are taken against did processing, it has brought great benefits to the masses of users, using multilayer board as material produced by sunshine greenhouse, achieves the strict insulation requirements, but also can avoid the condensed water problem caused by cold and hot temperature difference is too large. Also, the application of multilayer sunshine board above the municipal stadium is also very much, because the polycarbonate sheet itself have bending performance, thus bring larger design space to the designer. Use of its good shock resistance and material characteristics such as light, more to install applications. But corresponding, multilayer sunshine board also need more precision mold and higher specifications of the manufacturing industry, the current effective the small sunshine board factory also do not have this aspect of the production conditions. Because of the production cost is higher, multilayer sunshine plate relative to the ordinary sunlight on the second floor board, the price significantly higher. After all layers of sunshine plate production process is more complex, more materials, the four layers of 12 mm honeycomb sunshine board market price in about 90 yuan per square, according to the different project and customer needs above price fluctuations is very big.
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