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The pc sunshine board is resistant to pulling and durable

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

 pc polycarbonate sheet has a long service life, greatly improves scratches caused by sand and dust, is not afraid of snow load, has high impact toughness, and is durable in tension. According to the organic solvent experiment, the real new board can completely withstand the corrosion such as methyl ethyl ketone, banana water, ethanol, sulfuric acid and xylene. This independent innovation solves a fatal shortcoming of polycarbonate raw materials. The self-washing ability of Bancai has been improved to a certain extent, and the use performance has also been further improved. It is a groundbreaking scientific research achievement in the application of polycarbonate to building decoration materials. The development trend is to the more extraordinary square file format and the honeycomb type. The PC sunshine board manufacturer has expanded from a single-sided U-shaped buckle structure to a two-layer H-shaped buckle structure, and also has excellent dimming lighting Tianmu system software. The material is soft and lighter than ordinary laminated glass. It is not easy to be destroyed by light explosion, saves transportation, and is convenient to remove and install. Super moisture-proof performance, long life, tensile and durable.


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