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The paper insulation sandwich board production steps

by:UNQ     2020-11-09
2270 in order to meet the use of special occasions, requirements sheet should have good thermal insulation performance, the polycarbonate sheet also has such advantages, but not enough to meet the requirements. Therefore, we need to also make excellent insulation sandwich board. The first step is to white latex and silica sol, organic silicon resin adhesive agent added to the blender mixing evenly, the composite high temperature dope. Set aside. The second step is to produce the composite high temperature bonding agent and inorganic reinforced material, surfactant and water added to the mixer mixing processing, will eventually form a certain adhesive ability and the consistency of the liquid. Go light aggregate mixture to mix into them. The final step, spread mixture good pulp into molding mold molding, drying forming products will be pressed into the surface smooth, uniform thickness of embryo, and remove the crystal water and organic matter in the high temperature furnace after insulation sandwich board.
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