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The new application of PC Sheet in the greenhouse saves money and labor!

The new application of PC Sheet in the greenhouse saves money and labor!

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PC Sheet has entered the agricultural market as a greenhouse covering material and has a long history. Especially in recent years, with the newly-built agricultural sightseeing, agricultural breeding, ecological restaurants and other facilities in large and medium-sized cities, the application of PC sheets has become more and more extensive. With the rapid development of the market, the functions and applications of PC sheets are emerging in endlessly. Especially for the new PC sheet applications developed for greenhouses, it can save money and labor.

Endurance sheet greenhouse roof

Installation without nailing

The installation of the greenhouse PC Sheet does not necessarily require the installation method of direct nailing on the beam. You can choose the method of crimping and fixing the profile to fix the PC Sheets. Through nailing and fastening on the profile, the PC Sheet is tightly "clamped" by the profile through the four sides. Fastening the bead on the outer surface of the profile can make the outside facade of the greenhouse very neat and beautiful. At the same time, through this installation method, the problems of water seepage and pollution that occur after the PC Sheet surface is drilled are well avoided, and the light transmittance of the covering material can be further guaranteed.

Sunshine panel greenhouse

Three-layer gutter structure

The gutter of the greenhouse is one of the key positions for the cold bridge effect in the envelope structure, which not only produces condensate, but also generates a lot of energy loss. The "three-layer gutter" technology with the adhesion of new thermal insulation materials is a good optimization of the traditional gutter. The so-called "three-layer gutter" means that a layer of "rubber sponge" insulation material is adhered to the inside of the traditional gutter, and an open-air gutter is fixed on the next layer. Thus, the cold bridge effect is well optimized, and the condensate drainage problem is taken into account. The design of this structure can save energy by about 10%.

The so-called rubber-plastic sponge thermal insulation material: It is a soft high-grade thermal insulation and energy-saving material made of excellent performance of nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride as the main raw materials and foamed by a special process. Rubber-plastic sponge insulation material has low thermal conductivity, completely closed-cell structure, and long-lasting insulation effect: the insulation material is completely isolated from water vapor, does not absorb water, has a long service life, and is healthy and safe to use; rubber-plastic sponge insulation material has a soft and beautiful appearance, easy to bend, and construction convenient and fast, and no other auxiliary materials are needed.

Sunshine Sheet breeding greenhouse

Self-cleaning and anti-fog

By choosing anti-fog drop self-cleaning PC Sheet, the function of the greenhouse can be further embodied.

The outer surface is a high-temperature curing self-cleaning layer. A layer of special material is cured on the upper surface of the sheet under high temperature. Relying on the water-repellent physical properties of the special material, the infiltration angle of water droplets on the upper surface of the sheet is improved, forming a lotus leaf effect, which can prevent pollution and easy cleaning effect.

High temperature curing anti-fogging layer on the inner surface. A layer of permanent substance is cured on the lower surface of the sheet at high temperature. Make the condensed water form a water film on the lower surface of the sheet  and flow down the sheet  instead of forming water droplets.

Let's talk about the chemical bond link of the UV layer. The plate adopts the UV layer production technology linked by chemical bonds to make the UV layer more durable and make the surface of the plate smoother. It improves the effective light transmittance by reducing the refraction and scattering of light, and is not conducive to the adhesion of dust and dirt.

Sun PC Sheet Agricultural Technology Park

In general, the covering material plays a very important role in the greenhouse, and it is through the covering material greenhouse that a special microclimate environment isolated from the external environment is formed. I believe that with the continuous improvement and innovation of covering materials, especially PC Sheet functions, the future greenhouses will show more possibilities.

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