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The life span of the endurance board depends on human factors

by:UNQ     2021-05-24

Theoretically, the service life of the endurance board is five or ten years, but in actual use, it rarely reaches such a long time. Many of these are caused by human factors. Every aspect of the endurance board application has to be exposed to manual operation, so the impact of human error is very large.

For example, when processing the endurance board, the wrong processing method will cause the board to be damaged; the installation process is also the high-risk link of the endurance board. Breaking or tearing off the protective film, or nailing the endurance board directly to the frame, may damage the surface and edge of the board.

There is also the unreasonable storage environment, humid environment, direct accumulation storage method and storage together with alkaline substances, etc., these practices are the culprits that reduce the service life of the endurance board.

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