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The life of the pc board processing sun board and the season in which it is widely used

by:UNQ     2021-03-28

  PC sheets processing In the market, Sunshine boards are divided into three-year warranty, five-year warranty, and ten-year warranty. The higher one is the ten-year warranty, and it is made of PC materials. Many people require a long service life when choosing a sun-resistant board. They must ensure that the sun-facing surface has an anti-ultraviolet co-extrusion coating. According to the routine, ultraviolet radiation in the sun will lose 5μ every year, so many sun boards on the market claim to It has been used for ten years, but the panels that can be guaranteed for ten years are generally high-quality panels of each manufacturer, so when choosing panels, do not blindly compare the price of sunlight panels. The key is cost-effectiveness

  I noticed that the temperature of the water is generally controlled below 60 degrees, using warm water around 40 degrees. If the temperature is too low, it is not easy to exert its cleaning effect. Secondly, we must be cautious in choosing detergents. We should not choose detergents with corrosive effects. We should choose more neutral detergents. The cleaning tools should also be particularly particular. Do not use hard tools like brushes, coarse cloths, and mops. Instead, use a soft sponge or soft cloth combined with detergent to wipe gently, and rinse with clean water after the dirt is removed. .

   In order to maintain and extend its service life, maintenance and maintenance are required. The sun panel is no exception. Sometimes the use time is too long, or the regular use is in comparison In harsh environments, regular maintenance and cleaning are required. Cleaning can better allow PC boards to exert their good performance, and maintenance can make them better maintain and extend their service life. However, when maintaining and cleaning PC solar panels, we must understand some basic cleaning knowledge and issues that need to be paid attention to during the cleaning process.

The water stains on the PC sun panel after    rinse are wiped clean with a clean soft cloth. The low-cost solar panel greenhouses are generally adopted by flower producers. However, due to the low temperature and soil temperature in the shed in winter, the long-term closure of the large shed, coupled with poor management, is prone to varying degrees of freezing, humidity, wind, gas, and disease. Those who cause the death of flowers should be avoided.

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