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The influence of pc board processing on the comfort of driving vehicles

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

  PC sheets processing has been a normal development for both construction applications and industrial applications. Nowadays, a large part of beam bridges have begun to use PC board, a new type of engineering plastic, to replace the original steel alloy metal. PC sheets has its advantages: 1. Light weight; 2. Easy installation; 3. Shortened construction period; 4. Convenient maintenance; 5. It can give the vehicle better comfort. The mathematical relationship between the vertical vibration response of the vehicle and the slab creep upward camber, the bridge span, and the driving speed is derived, and the measured data of a Chongqing expressway bridge is used to analyze the effect of the creep upward arch on the vehicle vibration response and driving comfort. As a result, the creep upward camber control value based on the design speed of the highway is proposed. When we can control the above data, then the mathematical relationship between the vibration response of the high-speed vehicle and the beam creep can also be controlled, so we can Use this formula to design the bridge to achieve our impact on comfort. The front windshield, the bullet-proof glass of the windows, the protective cover in the car, the front lights of the car, etc. are also made of PC sheets. This new type of material will have an increasing impact on our lives. So improving comfort has become a more important thing.

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