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The future development direction of PC sunshine board

by:UNQ     2021-04-04

  Due to environmental pollution, the current PC solar panels in my country are mainly used outdoors. The cleaning of sun panels is becoming more and more important. It is advisable to use warm water, neutral soap, soft fabric or sponge for cleaning. Avoid using strong alkalis, isopropanol, ketones, halogenated alkanes, butyl fiber agents, brushes, and hard cloths to wipe the sun board surface. Outdoor solar panels are generally used on roofs and other high-rise buildings, which brings many difficulties to the cleaning of solar panels. Therefore, special cleaning agents for PC panels that can be cleaned by high-pressure water guns and can be washed will be welcomed by consumers. PC polycarbonate sheet was introduced to my country since the 1990s. Although it has been accepted by agriculture, construction, advertising, etc. and has been rapidly developed, my country’s PC sheets products have fewer varieties and fewer functions, and there is still a certain distance compared with advanced countries. Joining the WTO domestic PC boards and PC boards want to gain a dominant position in the domestic market in the future, serialization, high performance, multi-function, light weight, and low cost are the future development directions. Therefore, many companies can imitate production, and the production technology of PC solar panels is not complicated. However, few companies are able to conduct research and development of production technology. With the increasing requirements of the industry for products, processes or products such as clean production, energy saving, environmental protection, circular economy, high performance, etc. will become new growth points for the development of the industry. Coating companies can only be invincible if they transform themselves into base Ru0026D companies. place. Enterprise competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and many companies are striving to develop into new high-tech companies. Only by truly mastering technology research and development methods can they prepare for the formation of new market competitiveness in the future.

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