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The future application prospects of PC sheet

by:UNQ     2021-04-29
PC sunshine board and PC sheets also have more subdivided categories, such as double-layer hollow sunshine board, four-layer hollow sunshine board, honeycomb-shaped PC sheets and so on. We must first state the application of the subdivided types of panels, and then according to the PC panels... At present, the popular PC panels on the market mainly include the following types: PC sun panels, PC endurance panels, and PC tiles. PC sunshine board and PC endurance board also have more subdivided categories, such as double-layer hollow sunshine board, four-layer hollow sunshine board, honeycomb-shaped sunshine board and so on. We must first state the application of subdivided types of panels, and then elaborate on its future application prospects based on the advantages and disadvantages of PC panels. PC solar panels are generally mainly used for lighting and heat preservation, coupled with its bendable and impact-resistant properties, some more extensive applications are derived. The most important lighting applications are the covering materials for agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants and other places. Among them, the double-layer sun board and the four-layer sun board, with anti-fog drop technology, are the best covering materials for agricultural greenhouses. Another extension of daylighting is building daylighting, such as stadiums, building workshops, roofs, etc. Generally considering the impact resistance, heat preservation and service life issues, generally four-layer, honeycomb or more complex structure hollow solar panels are used. Due to its excellent flexibility, color diversity, and impact resistance, the sun board is an excellent covering material whether it is a canopy, carport, or sports center stand for sunshading and rain. Including some other edge applications, we will not list them one by one for the time being. In the future, as the price and performance of PC solar panels are more accepted by people, we believe that more markets will be developed by us. The daylighting application part of PC sheets overlaps with the sun board, including agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants, building lighting, curtain walls, etc. The disadvantage of endurance board is that the price is much higher than that of sun board. Because the PC solid endurance board has many properties that are stronger than the sun board, including lighting, impact resistance, etc., the characteristics are far beyond the sun board, so its derivative applications are much more abundant than the sun board, including daylighting covers, soundproof walls, and sound insulation. Covers, light diffusion advertising light boxes, police shields, building curtain walls, basketball boards, and more other deep-processed products. Because of the high price, we cannot say with certainty how far the PC sheets market will develop in the future. Perhaps in the near future, this outstanding new environmentally friendly board will enter every family of us. If you have any questions about the sun board and endurance board, you are also welcome to call the sun board manufacturer at any time:
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