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The engineering show among many plastic building materials in pc board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-11

  PC board is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It has outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, so it is known as the 'King of Plastics'. It has good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, and lighting. UV protection, flame retardant and other advantages.

The use of    processing is widely used in light box production, cartop lighting, highway guardrails, explosion-proof shields, daylighting canopies, industrial plants, greenhouses, observation windows, sound barriers, exhibition lighting, advertising light boxes, etc. .

  PC sheets temperature requirements for building lighting, thermal insulation performance is better than ordinary insulating glass; its cold bending characteristics provide designers with ideal creative free space but with high impact resistance Strength, provide safety guarantee.

  The varieties with a co-extruded ultraviolet protective layer on the outer surface can prevent people from being harmed by ultraviolet rays in the sun; when used for storage lighting, it can prevent organic matter and other polymer materials from fading under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Customers provide drawings or product samples for engraving. The company introduces large-scale CNC engraving machinery whose accuracy can be controlled within 0.07mm. It can engrave and cut sheets of 1300mm*2500mm in various shapes, with various flat square holes, round holes and multi-angle holes, which can meet the needs of customers. Various PC board processing technical requirements for covers, windows, etc.

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